New York State Beach Cleanup

Sponsored by the American Littoral Society - Northeast Chapter

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Registration is now open for the 2019 New York State Beach Cleanup!!



Spring Cleanup Opportunities!!


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During the 2018 NYS Beach Cleanup 7,053 volunteers
in 22 counties removed 45,311 pounds of debris
along 194 miles of shoreline.


Below is a list of the top twelve (Dirty Dozen) items found during the
2018 New York State Beach Cleanup.


Dirty Dozen
Plastic Pieces 41,138
Cigarette Butts 30,584
Foam Pieces 28,068
Glass Pieces 26,447
Bottle Caps (Plastic) 22,651
Food Wrappers (Candy, Chips, Etc) 17,567
Beverage Bottles (Plastic) 13,072
Straws, Stirrers 10,895
Bottle Caps (Metal) 9,673
Beverage Bottles (Glass) 7,780
Other Plastic Bags 6,916
Beverage Cans 6,899

To find out more about how the New York State Beach Cleanup works, click here!

Ocean Conservancy: Organizes/supports the state and country coordinators.
State Coordinator: Organizes the Cleanup at the state level.
Country Coordinator: Organizes the Cleanup at the country level.
Site/Beach Captain: Oversees the Cleanup at a single location/site